Pebble IT brings you over ten years of experience providing high quality.

MySQL Server, Database, Clustering and Load Balancing

Pebble IT brings you over ten years of experience providing high quality MySQL database server administration and consulting support services. We are experts in MySQL server design,MySQL Cluster implementation, tuning and deployment, MySQL server load balancing and High-reliability, Fault tolerant system design on all Platforms, including Sun/Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux and others Our DBA is thoroughly experienced in Design, configuration, deployment and troubleshooting trueMySQL Cluster/High Availability environments. We brings you many hundereds of hours real-time experience with LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQl & PHP intergration. We possess extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving all manner of difficult and challenging MySQL Databse and network server related problems.

MySQL Server Architecture/Design

Pebble IT can review and analyse your current database needs and recommend and design a MySQL implementation that not only meets your current needs but also allows for future scalability in any manner of deployment.

MySQL Cluster and Replication

Cluster Server design, implement & deploy Critical, High availability server design Load Balancing and replication solutions Fail-Over Cluster, Load balanced implemantations Distributed Cluster & Replicated systems MySQL Cluster Diagnostics & Debugging.

Server Administration & Management

Pebble IT Can provide full service support contracting, and server management solutions such as: Disaster Recovery/Incident response Full or Partime Support Contracts 24/7 Availability Full service secure remote administration Managed Backup Solutions Apache, PHP Integration, design, Setup

MySQL Optimization & Tuning

We can provide full support in fine tuning your Hosting server, including kernel optimization, hardware recommendations and MySQL configuration tuning. Why Pebble IT for Database Services?

  • 24×7 remote service for access anytime
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have expert services on hand when required
  • Flexible pricing, plans and guaranteed high level of service
  • Pay by the hour, fixed price project, or save with a competitive monthly service fee

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