This is without even taking in consideration the cost and workload involved in maintaining several databases.


Oracle Exadata Database Machine and it’s server offer world class performance, with Oracle’s Larry Ellison proclaiming that Exadata is the ‘fastest database on the planet’. Pebble IT, through it’s strategic business partnerships and in-house expertise, offers expert consultation, advice and implementation services for the Oracle Exadata stack. We can help plan, deploy and manage Exadata and assist in the understanding of business benefits in deploying Exadata for your whole organisation.[/text_dd]


The Oracle Exadata Database Machine delivers unparalleled performance, reliability and scalability for all your critical database applications. Midsize companies often add applications as they grow. However, after a few years they end up with several different databases for different applications. Sound familiar? Along with making data hard to find, complex data analysis queries can take hours. This is without even taking in consideration the cost and workload involved in maintaining several databases.Today, there’s a solution to this issue with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

What is it?

  • The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is an out-of-the-box solution comprising servers, storage, networking and software.
  • Even if you have very complex data warehousing needs, Oracle Exadata gives you the performance you need. For example, you can search 10 times more data 10 times faster. And if your slow online transaction processing keeps you awake at night, Exadata gives you super-fast performance with multiple failover and security functions– to make sure your business keeps running in the event of a failure.
  • Oracle Exadata is also the ideal platform for consolidating all of your databases to ensure extreme performance and reliability as well as lower maintenance and hardware costs. Along with better performance, consolidating multiple workloads on a single machine frees up your IT staff for more important tasks.

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