Our Partners. For more than three and a half decades, Oracle has been the leader in database software.

For more than three and a half decades, Oracle has been the leader in database software. And as it has further developed technologies and acquired best-in-class companies over the years, that leadership has expanded to the entire technology stack, from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through applications and into the cloud. http://www.oracle.com.au

Microsoft was founded in 1975. Their mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential by creating technology that transforms the way people work, play, and communicate. Microsoft develop and market software, services, and hardware devices that deliver new opportunities, greater convenience, and enhanced value to people’s lives. Microsoft have offices in more than 100 countries. http://www.microsoft.com

The growth of data and its ability to deliver information for competitive advantage and to support efficient operations has never been greater. Dbvisit develops disaster recovery and database replication products that ensure that an organization’s critical data is available and up-to-date when and where it is needed. Whether this is on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both. http://www.dbvisit.com

As a leading Distributor of IT solutions in more than 70 countries, Avnet Technology Solutions improves how technology products and services are defined and delivered to businesses worldwide. In today’s marketplace, end customers expect solution providers to understand their business and the unique requirements of their industry. Solution providers possessing both solution-centric and customer-specific knowledge, have a significant competitive advantage, and have the ability to maximise profit from high-growth markets and increase solution sale opportunities. http://www.avnet.com.au

In today’s global marketplace there are no limitations on access to information. If you perform people know, if you don’t, word still gets around, there are no secrets. Proven performance makes the difference. Fiji, our center of operations, offers distinct ICT opportunities for the South Pacific market. A rapidly developing industry gives our customers the chance to choose and implement first of its kind solutions. Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands and the rest of the South Pacific look to Fiji as the hub where ideas are tried and tested and then assimilated throughout the neighboring regions. We aspire to be the catalyst for this assimilation. http://www.vt-solutions.com

The Concept Group believes that at the core of every company, are the people that create value for customers. Through effective management of these people, companies may experience higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity and fewer accidents. We deliver HR services that are designed to impact companies, beginning with their employees and continuing with improved company performance. www.conceptgroup-ng.com

Whether it’s through lack of control, lack of understanding or lack of compliance, Snow Software believes that most organizations today end up paying too high a price for their software.

To address this, Snow Software provides Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions designed to ensure that the $326 billion spent every year on enterprise software is money well spent – ensuring organizations have the appropriate licenses for the software they use – not too many, not too few. www.snowsoftware.com

Tyeware Pty. Ltd. is a Mackay-based ICT company and has provided consultancy and software development services to a broad range of Government and private-sector clients since 2007. Tyeware’s success has primarily been due to our strength in building long-term mutually beneficial commercial relationships with our clients based around trust and return on investment. http://www.tyeware.com

Mozaic IT is a team of senior professionals with deep expertise gained in both the consulting and corporate environments. Their approach is centred around the “Trusted Advisor Model” – adopting client problems as our own and being committed to delivering high value sustainable change through business and IT investment. http://mozaicmgt.com.au

Visible Insights is a business productivity application software consulting and development company that provides organisations with the visibility and insight they require to collaborate and make informed decisions. http://www.visibleinsights.com.au

At Seers we build on ideas with concepts that inspire, technologies that enable, and with methodologies that are proven. We build intelligent, practical and result-focused strategies and systems. Our systems are easy to use and understand to help you move forward in your endeavour by creating changes for people and processes. www.seers.net.au

SecureServ provides solutions for Information Security. SecureServ has operated successfully since 2005, introducing quality technology solutions to customers in Australia and New Zealand, through our extensive network of partners, including systems integrators, resellers and managed service providers. Through our affiliates, SecureManage, we provide an encompassing range of Managed Security Services, to deliver a cost-effective approach to protecting your network. http://www.secureserv.com.au

Catalyst is a New Zealand-owned and operated company where values and integrity come before money. We have grown through long-term commitments to our clients, a culture of collaboration and our passionate belief that, in the long term, open source offers significant benefits. http://www.catalyst-au.net

A business applications company delivering world class solutions across key functional areas of an organisation including Enterprise Resource Planning, HR / Payroll, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management and Technology & Integration Architecture. We also develop best of breed solutions across a number of key industries. https://fusion5.co.nz/

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