We also provide expert installation and technical support services on all major flavors of Unix.


Enterprise Servers are the core of any IT operations. For decades Unix is the most trusted operating system that you can rely to run your mission critical applications. With different vendors in market true expertise to manage these different flavors of Unix is the core requirement of each organization. At Pebble IT our goal is to deliver the highest level of robust Linux and Unix server remote management and administration service solutions available. We provide expert installation and technical support services on all major Linux distributions, including RedHat, Fedora, Debian-GNU, SuSE, Mandrake, Slackware and Gentoo. We can also work with any custom Linux installation. We have in depth experience in solving all types of Linux and network related problems, We are experts in Linux disaster recovery, patch management, upgrades, new installation. We can, and will work with your organization to provide a cost effective, expert solution to any Linux related need. We also provide expert installation and technical support services on all major flavors of Unix. Including: Solaris-SunOS IBM/AIX, HP-UX Our Unix Consulting and support includes.

Unix Support and Services

  • Configuring system running Linux, Unix as per the needs and requirements of applications
  • nstallation / Recovery of Linux, Unix in case of disaster occurred on a system
  • Migrating the Systems from one host to another Host
  • Maintaining high availability of the system, with the mirroring of internal disks and recover mirroring in case of any HDD Failure
  • Installation of OS Patches, Kernel tuning and system performance tuning
  • Working with LVM, providing creation of additional filesystems, users and import and export of volume groups from one system to another. Create space for file systems and mirror the related file system between LUNs on two SAN for redundancy of data
  • Writing scripts to check system performance on a daily basis, which sends a customized report of system health after each 3 hours
  • Define rules and policies for configuration, implementation on servers
  • Working on NFS with providing mounting of NFS File systems
  • Configuring NTP for time synchronization on servers
  • Configuring Unix system backup for centralized backups of all servers at NFS and perform recovery in case of system failure
  • Develop and Maintain administration and configuration manual for systems

OVM Support and Services

Our OVM Support and services includes.

  • Managing Oracle VM on sparc and x86 environment
  • Providing robust OVM solutions on x86 or Sparc Hardware
  • Adding new Guest Domains.
  • Adding additional disks or storage to OVM
  • Configuring OVM Manager
  • Configuring VLANs in OVM
  • Installation and configuration of new guest Domains
  • Configuration of existing guest domains
  • Providing backup solution for OVM environment with bare metal recovery
  • Piece of mind support and hardware monitoring using Oracle Enterprise Manager and Ops Center

Why Pebble IT for Unix Services?

  • 24×7 remote service for access anytime
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have expert services on hand when required
  • Flexible pricing, plans and guaranteed high level of service
  • Pay by the hour, fixed price project, or save with a competitive monthly service fee
  • With our team of engineers specialized in providing managed services to various flavors of Linux & Enterprise Unix systems, you will have a low-cost solution for IT management, support and business growth
  • Faster problem determination and resolution
  • Elimination of the need to add staff for Unix Implementation and support

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