One of the risks that Oracle took in making its decision to move to a commercial subscription license for Java SE, was that the market would react in unknown and unexpected ways. With the java SE Subscription License coming into effect in January 2019, organisations that want support of their Java footprint will be seeking solutions. Oracle is banking that they will be part of that solution.

However, alternative support providers are circling stating that they will support Java, IBM has a stated support policy for LTS releases for their customers and now Amazon has announced Corretto, an OpenJDK Java distribution that they will support on LTS versions – as IBM has stated it will do. However, different to IBM, Amazon are supporting Java across multiple platforms.

Below is what Arun Gupta of Amazon has stated in a recent blog post (links below):

Corretto comes with support for multiple platforms, enabling you to run it in the cloud, on premises, and on your local machine. The Corretto 8 preview corresponding to OpenJDK 8 is available at this time for Amazon Linux 2, Microsoft Windows, and macOS platforms and Docker image. Preview builds can be downloaded by visiting General Availability is planned for Q1 2019, and will also include Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms. Corretto 11 builds corresponding to Open JDK 11 on these platforms will follow with ample time for testing before April 2019.

Amazon have stated that they will add their own enhancements to OpenJDK, potentially for optimising on their services, and release this as the Corretto distribution. This is planned for both OpenJDK 8 and 11. Security updates for Corretto 8 will continue at least until June 2023, whilst Corretto 11 will be at least until August 2024, but these estimates could change over time.

With all the noise that Oracle has been making about Amazon Web Services over the past 3 years, it is potentially a strategic move for Amazon to be countering Oracle’s commercial efforts, whom have one of the pioneers of Java, James Gosling, in their stables.

It will be interesting to observe how large organisations will respond to this and if there is a movement to Corretto and other support providers, will it lead to Oracle changing tack in the long term ?

You can learn more about Oracle’s plans for Java in our recent blog post, “Oracle Java Subscriptions: Clearing the Confusion“.

This is the link to Amazon’s Corretto announcement