Are you in a Management Role where you are ACCOUNTABLE for Backups being in place and working? Data loss is on your head but how do you know if your teams really have the necessary processes in place to avoid data loss?

Here is a simple question you could ask your DBA and System Administrator teams to gauge their confidence; “Are you confident that if we had a SEV-1 Critical Outage you could recover systems within the agreed RTO and RPO objectives we have with our internal customers?”

If the answer comes back as “Not sure” … or “No” that is fine, and you can address the situation by working through the items below. If the ultimate answer is “Yes” then the team should be able to present you with the following artifacts or inputs to your Backup process with the target Outcome being the ability to recover with the agreed upon RTO and RPO objectives.

As a Manager if you want to better understand your position, then working through the below points will help to you to gain a lot of the information you require to ensure you have a good Backup process in place. Components that should be identifiable and available could include:

Typically the above will uncover areas of improvement for you to work through to deliver a quality data protection strategy that you could be accountable for.

Pebble IT has highly skilled Oracle and SQL Server DBAs and Consultants that can assist you and your team to get the right Backup processes in place, working, and tested. If you want your backup strategy validated or require a backup strategy to be created, please reach out to us at or contact us here