Zulu Mission Control is powerful open source Java performance management, monitoring, and profiling tool for Java Open JDK 8 & 11. Monitor Java applications live in production without impacting performance. Perform detailed analysis and troubleshooting using Flight Recorder logs from prior runs.

Azul Systems, the award-winning leader in Java runtime solutions, has announced the general availability of Zulu Mission Control v7.0. Based on the OpenJDK Mission Control project, Zulu Mission Control is a powerful Java performance management and application profiling tool that works with Azul’s Zing and Zulu JDKs/JVMs and supports both Java SE 8 and 11. Zulu Mission Control is free to use and may be downloaded from https://www.azul.com/products/zulu-mission-control.

Zulu Mission Control Overview

Zulu Mission Control is a tested, certified build of the OpenJDK Mission Control project. Originally developed by Oracle, the software was open-sourced by Oracle as part of OpenJDK 11. Azul has subsequently backported Zulu Mission Control to be compatible with both its Zing and Zulu Java runtimes that conform to both the Java SE 8 & 11 standards.

Zulu Mission Control features and benefits are highlighted below:

Flight Recorder and Zulu Mission Control

Flight Recorder is a very low-overhead way of collecting and storing performance and profiling data from Java runtimes during the execution of a Java application. Zulu Mission Control uses the information from JDKs/JVMs which incorporate the Flight Recorder technology to monitor live JVMs, as well as perform detailed analysis and historical playback of applications using previously generated data logs. Flight Recorder was open sourced by Oracle as part of the OpenJDK 11 project. Azul has backported Flight Recorder to support Java 8 and incorporated into its Zing, Zulu Enterprise, and Zulu Embedded offerings.

“Zulu Mission Control is a 100% open source, best-in-breed profiling and monitoring tool which helps Java developers and DevOps teams to track, monitor, and debug Java-based applications,” said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO. “We’re excited to be bringing this powerful and flexible tool to the Java Community, and we look forward to extending its capabilities in cooperation with the OpenJDK project.”

Commercial support for Zulu Mission Control is included at no additional charge with all Zing and Zulu Enterprise subscriptions. For additional information regarding Zulu Mission Control and to download a free copy of the software, visit https://www.azul.com/products/zulu-mission-control. To learn more about Zulu Enterprise, the supported OpenJDK for the Enterprise contact us at Pebble IT to discuss your needs