Where you source your OpenJDK from can be important. As more and more ‘supply chain’ attacks become prevalent, organisations need to ensure that they source their open-source software from reputable and reliable sources.

Azul has just released the ‘Zulu Community’ for Java JDK 6 onwards, providing you a reliable source of OpenJDK builds. https://www.azul.com/downloads/zulu-community/

Being OpenJDK, it is free to download and use without restrictions, has both 32 and 64-bit JDKs and JREs. It also has builds for OpenJFX, Flight Recorder, Zulu Mission Control – in tar, rpm or deb file formats.

If you choose to have a paid subscription for support of your OpenJDK Java, then it is a simple transition if you already use the Zulu Community JDK builds.

The changes in Java’s release cadence and the disappearance of free quarterly updates from Oracle for older Java versions have resulted in various new JDK options for the Java community. The table below provides a comparison of these JDK options: the top half of the table outlines the features and capabilities of various builds of both open and closed-source JDKs, and the bottom highlights differences between the commercial support offerings from Azul and other vendors.

There are choices to what Java build you can deploy and what support options you have for your production environments. Contact us to learn more about how you can decide what is best for your needs.