Utilise Oracle Database Standard Edition 2, DBVisit Standby and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) as a lower cost alternative to Oracle Enterprise Edition (that utilises Data Guard).

At Pebble IT we often get asked the question, is there a cost-effective alternative to using Enterprise Database with Oracle’s Data Guard?

The answer is – it depends. If a customer is not using any of the additional features and options of Oracle’s Database Enterprise Edition, then Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE2) is a viable alternative. If low RPO and RTOs are required then we recommend DBVisit as a great, proven, cost effect data protection to use with SE2.

The next question usually concerns how to get high performance from our database investment. Oracle’s Database Appliance (ODA) is a purpose built server designed specifically by Oracle to run their databases at the fastest speed possible for the price point. It utilises standard X86 architecture running Oracle’s secure Linux platform. It is designed to be low maintenance and eases the ongoing management of all the hardware and software components as a single offering that has unified support from the single vendor, Oracle.

Who might benefit from this technology bundle? Organisations that:

  • use Oracle SE, SE1, SE2, or even the Enterprise Edition; and

  • need faultless, low cost Oracle disaster recovery (DR) for their databases; and

  • have Oracle Database but are not happy with their DR or recovery implementation.

Dbvisit Standby is trusted to protect 1,000s of Oracle Standard Edition databases (SE, SE1, SE2) in over 110 countries databases against disaster, including hardware failures, natural disasters and human error. It helps to protect your critical data infrastructure by acting as an “Oracle Data Guard” for all SE flavours. It is

  • Simple to test, install, and manage;

  • Affordable with long term savings;

  • Quick switchover to the standby from primary; and

  • Provides complete database-aware protection.

The outcomes you can expect from this technology can help you:

  • Ensure your critical data is always protected and recoverable

  • Deliver enterprise-level DR functionality for Oracle SE2 customers

  • Implement a cost effective, reliable DR solution without the need for Enterprise Edition

The Dbvisit, SE2 and Oracle Database Appliance bundle
With Dbvisit Standby and the Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Standard Edition 2 customers have a total SE2 solution. The Oracle Database Appliance ensures high performance while Dbvisit Standby is a cost effective, reliable Disaster Recovery solution that reduces the risk of business disruption and ensures business continuity for your databases.

Why Oracle Database Appliance and DBVisit?

  • Performance – ODA delivers the security, reliability and enterprise level performance for Oracle SE customers, who don’t wish to upgrade to Enterprise Edition.

  • Optimized – ODA is optimized for Oracle Standard Edition database performance. Dbvisit Standby provides a much-needed DR component which makes Standard Edition on ODA a complete solution.

Dbvisit Standby is certified “ODA Optimized”, delivering a total, robust, disaster recovery solution for Oracle SE customers

Oracle Database Appliances and Oracle Database Standard Edition

Oracle Database Appliance integrates software, compute, storage, and network resources to deliver database services for a wide range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, data warehousing applications and in-memory databases (including Oracle Enterprise Edition with its In-Memory option).

Database workloads can realize a significant improvement in input/output operations per second (IOPS) and bandwidth, while achieving extremely low latency and CPU overhead with NVM Express (NVMe) flash storage over similar systems configured with conventional SAS solid-state drives.

Oracle Standard Edition and Standard Edition 2 customers now have a choice for purchasing Oracle Database Appliance servers that are specifically focused on providing small to medium sized organizations with the security and reliability of Oracle power traditionally reserved for enterprise companies.

Oracle Database Appliance Configurations

When configuring your data protection strategy, there are two alternatives that you can consider:

  • Replicate across two Oracle Database Appliances with DBVisit Standby & failover to the standby appliance in the event of failure.

    • Full on-premises high performance solution for Oracle SE2 Customers

    • A total solution for SE2 at an affordable price

  • Oracle Database Appliance as your primary use with a standby instance maintained on Oracle’s Cloud in their Australian data centre.

    • Begin your cloud journey with a hybrid solution of one Oracle Database Appliance server for robust on- premises performance, Dbvisit Standby for full business continuity and the Oracle Cloud as the standby location

    • An affordable, total solution for Oracle SE2 customers

    • Take the first step of your journey to the Oracle Cloud without risk

For C-Level & Senior Management

  • Ensure business continuity and compliance with DR / business regulatory standards

  • Increase revenue and reduce business risk

  • Focus on budget and ROI

For IT & DBA Managers

  • Increase business value through smart technologies

  • Desire in improving current systems with strong technical knowledge and experience with configuring systems

  • Less effort for DBAs to patch systems and perform maintenance tasks

Learn more

We can discuss your challenges and your needs and have an open conversation about what options can be used to meet those needs for performance, licensing, and business continuity scenarios. We have implemented DBVisit and Oracle Database Appliances at large and small business alike and we can help you understand how this combination could benefit you. Please contact us to learn more.