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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Pebble IT enables organisations establish and migrate to Public Clouds in Australia and worldwide. Whilst we specialise in Databases on Clouds, we offer a full array of services that ensure we run your systems in the cloud with strong security and performance all to a 24×7 SLA. We have expertise in many Public Cloud offerings and can offer advice and services for simple cloud deployments through to multiple replicated sites for Failover and DR. We apply our deep understanding of Oracle & Microsoft products on Windows and Linux environments in the Cloud including native Cloud Services of each provider.

Amazon Web Services ( AWS )

We view AWS as the most strategic independent public cloud in Australia. Their history of innovation drives what public cloud providers bring to the market, and we believe they will continue to lead the world in how organisational computing should be performed. Whilst Pebble IT is both a long-term Oracle and Microsoft partner, our interest in AWS stems from their independence of major software offerings and hence their specialisation in the cloud infrastructure services. Whilst AWS does offer RedShift, DynamoDB and Aurora, those database offerings are not available outside of AWS, this results in a demand to migrate existing database workloads from on-premise infrastructure and private clouds to AWS RDS, or standalone on EC2 virtual machines.

AWS customers have a significant need of specialists in maintaining Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. That is our core capability. We have migrated 100+ databases to AWS that totals in excess of 30TB of data.

We manage database and application workloads on AWS, this includes ensuring their backups are performed and usable, and we monitor the databases for availability and performance. Our extensive experience in databases allows us to optimise their configuration where possible, and to patch and upgrade not only the database, but the underlying server operating systems as we have a full System Administration capability for both Linux & Windows. We also have extensive experience in migrating Oracle database workloads to other databases such as Microsoft SQL.

Our first customer on AWS was in 2010, which was operating a fleet of 30+ EC2 instances running Red Hat for Oracle, PostgreSQL & TomCat, in the 10+ years that have passed our capabilities and depth has grown. Our capability in this area resulted in us migrating an on-premise SAAS solution for 800+ customers to AWS with very complex cutover and operational requirements for the customers. Not only can we get you to AWS, we can maintain and run your AWS environment for you to ensure you do not need to develop these rare skills in-house whilst we constantly review for opportunities to optimise the running cots of cloud.

Our specialties on AWS:

  • Managing databases on EC2 instances
  • Managing RDS instances
  • Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora, PostgreSQL, and Tibero databases
  • Custom RDS for Microsoft SQL Server
  • High Availability configurations of Oracle & Microsoft SQL
  • Managing DR instances
  • Validating backups and DR processes
  • Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards applications
  • Ascender Payroll Application
  • Migration of data workloads from on-premises, private cloud or other private clouds to databases on AWS – both EC2 & RDS
  • Monitoring application stacks
  • Patching instances and databases

Microsoft Azure

Pebble IT is a Microsoft Azure Certified Cloud Partner that ensures CIOs, IT & Project Managers deliver migrations and monitoring of production systems of Applications with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL Databases.

New Azure capabilities and a positive experience for DevOp Teams using Azure Cloud results in a strong desire to move more legacy on-premise Applications and their SQL Databases to Azure. Accompanying this is the ongoing desire to reduce Azure Cloud costs as often the monthly fees being incurred are higher than what was anticipated. A barrier to addressing these issues is the high demands placed on Azure DBA resources within organisations. Internal resources can be stretched to keep pace technically, while also providing in-and-out of hours support cover and servicing project work that has been scheduled. Being a Microsoft Partner with extensive Public Cloud experience, we can guide you on migrating your applications and their databases to Azure and steps to optimise the costs being incurred once on Azure.

Pebble IT’s Azure SQL DBA Services can assist by:

  • Monitoring and managing both Cloud and on-premise environments, thereby permitting in-house DBA resources to be available for strategic project work
  • Creating a managing a live inventory of Azure databases to ensure visibility and ongoing efforts for cost optimisation
  • Ensuring your on-premise SQL Server environments have been updated, rationalised, and consolidated, prior to migrating to Azure to ensure unnecessary costs
  • Working with your Applications teams to help migrate applications to Azure
  • Assessing your SQL Server Database Inventory and recommending the Azure SQL Database product that is the best fit with each on-premise SQL Server Database
  • Highlighting the technical barriers that prevent a Database from being migrated – and how to resolve
  • Utilising Azure in your Database Backup Strategy

Oracle Cloud Services

We run database and application workloads for customers on multiple regions of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Pebble IT has a deep heritage in Oracle database, middleware and infrastructure, and it was a logical transition for us to specialise in Oracle’s Public Cloud offering. We run Database services and application workloads in the Cloud, all with secure architecture, in many cases isolating the database to be only available to the application. Oracle SE, Enterprise, and RAC databases are run as well as MySQL. We have helped client establish and evaluate Oracle Autonomous Database and we work with clients on understanding their estimated costs and align that with the best procurement approach from Oracle.

A seldom discussed aspect of OCI is how price competitive it is in Australia. If your clouds requirements have stringent budget requirements, OCI should be considered, and we can discuss how you can achieve lower costs on OCI Services, Storage and Instances.

OCI in Australia is fortunate that it has Data Centres in both Sydney & Melbourne, therefore allowing us to design a replicated DR design to maximise the availability of your systems. We specialise in migrating and running Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and Ascender Payroll solutions on Oracle’s Cloud. As part of our journey to help customers lower their Public Cloud costs, we have developed POCI to enable significant savings on OCI, thus reflecting our deep knowledge on automating OCI.

Whether it be using OCI for non-production instances (for example, Training instances or Test instances), immutable storage for Ransomware assurance, or a full migration and deployment to OCI, we can advise and enable highly efficient solutions on OCI in conjunction to also advising and optimising the your Oracle license footprint which is another important factor when migrating to the Cloud.

Our specialties on OCI:

  • Designing and establishing your Cloud Tenancy across multiple regions
  • Migrating databases and applications from on-premises or other Public Clouds to OCI
  • Oracle database license optimisation in the Cloud
  • Oracle database performance tuning
  • High Availability configurations with multiple region failovers
  • Automating OCI
  • Migrating, running and monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and Ascender Payroll applications

POCI Cloud Saver

POCI Cloud Saver for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Secure resources by only having them available at nominated times. Save significant costs by only using resources when you need them.

POCI Cloud Saver for OCI is a solution developed and maintained by Pebble IT to help clients minimise their costs when running their workloads on OCI in any region. POCI has saved clients up to 70% in costs during project delivery, non-Production instances can deliver savings typically in the range of 50-60%. Production instances that do not require 24×7 operations can expect 40-50% in reduced cost.

Pebble IT are experts at getting workloads to public clouds and running them for clients with innovations like POCI that set us apart. We are just getting started with POCI, we are adding more resource types that POCI can schedule and soon will be able to assert resource status rather than just stop and start them.

POCI has many possibilities to automate operations within OCI, if you have specific requirements on what could deliver significant savings to your operations, talk with us to understand how this could be approached.

Pebble IT help organisations adopt Cloud Database technologies. We establish and manage cloud databases for you but also partner with inhouse and third-party application teams to help migrate databases and applications to the cloud platform of your choice.

Pebble IT is a Microsoft Azure Certified Cloud Partner. We specialise in helping organisations gain the benefits of deploying database workloads to the Azure SQL family of cloud services. We help clients advance their Microsoft Data Platform strategy by ensuring their on-premise SQL Server environments have been updated, rationalised, and consolidated, prior to migrating to Azure to ensure unnecessary cloud costs do not get incurred once in the cloud.

Pebble IT can assess your SQL Server Database Inventory and recommend the Azure SQL Database product that is the best fit with each On-Premise SQL Server Database. The blockers that are preventing a Database from being migrated and what remediation work would overcome these.


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