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High Performance Servers

High Performance Servers

High Performance Servers

Pebble IT has a heritage in supplying, managing and servicing high performance hardware to support critical database workloads. High performance is achieved through specialist knowledge in design of hardware components in conjunction with what is required from the database to achieve that performance. It is the combination of specialist skills that results in the optimal outcomes.

We work with specialist platforms from Oracle (Engineered Systems) and Dell (PowerFlex) as well as other leading providers of HP and Lenovo. Through our partners we can also supply and install IBM hardware.

In the past 10 years we have been approached by prospective clients asking us to resolve their database performance whether it be a SAP system or large and complex third party application – tuning the database alone was not bringing the large scale improvements required. In each case we have undertaken detailed analysis of the underlying issues and arrived at a holistic approach that potentially encompasses all facets of the system from hardware, operating system, system components and the network. The result was a revolution in total system performance that ensure the system remained usable in some cases ensured that the users did not avoid reports and other functions that were known to be problematic – bypassing business process and using unauthorized workarounds was having downstream impacts on the business. Eliminating these returned consistency back to the business process and the quality of data increased as usability of the system increases.

Being able to supply, install and manage the entire hardware, operating system and database components of a system results in a consolidated approach that can yield significant results. In some cases, we replace ageing hardware, our advantage is that we can modernise the underlying system components and operating system and migrate from the old to the new as a single project rather than multiple suppliers co-ordinating for a strategic outcome.

We have specialities in Oracle Solaris, Red Hat & other Linux operating systems, Windows & IBM AIX. This is invaluable for providing a team that has expertise in your current platform as well as any target platform be it on-premise or in the cloud. Therefore we can discuss your entire set of technical challenges and arrive at directions that are not pre-determined due to a narrow interest or offering, instead we can understand and convey the merits of a target platform whether it be on-premise High Performance Servers, a Private Cloud managed by Pebble IT of High Performance Servers so it becomes an OPEX arrangement or a migration to the Cloud. We are relatively technology agnostic and listen to your needs before discussing potential solutions. Please contact us to learn more.

Software Asset Management (SAM), is set of IT practices designed to manage software usage by an organisation. Controlling and optimising your software usage to align with your business goals, whilst maintaining licensing compliance can be a time-consuming process without the right tools and expertise.

The rewards of an efficient SAM process can lead to significant ongoing savings and maximise the returns on your software investments

Our Software Asset Management service offerings

License Compliance Services.  Pebble IT can help you gain visibility of your software footprint and understand your compliance position should you be audited by a vendor. Whether it be license optimisation, audit preparation, audit defense, or challenging the audit results – Pebble IT has saved clients millions of dollars that they would otherwise not have been able to achieve. These services encompass Microsoft, Oracle & SAP solutions.

SNOW Software Asset Management Software.  SNOW is a SAM platform that is used for achieving software compliance across Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, and 14,000+ desktop end-user compute applications. The SNOW Platform empowers organisations to optimise software licenses & reduce costs by providing insight & control of software consumption across all devices & platforms. The savings that can be generated through the automation of the SNOW Platform can outweigh the cost of platform itself, in many cases we can perform a Proof-of-Concept that will reveal the likely sources of saving.


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